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Aircraft Carbon Carbon Heat Packs

The CMC company supplies the aircraft carbon brakes to civil aviation market. Carbon brakes are widely installed on civil aircrafts. The main applications we have for airplanes are MA-60, A318, A319, A320, A330, Boeing 737, Boeing 757 etc. Carbon carbon heat packs offer a significant weight savings compared to traditional steel brakes or powder metallurgy brakes. And weight savings can reduce the fuel consumption for airplanes. Also, the carbon carbon aircraft brakes have twice longer life than steel brakes.  We can also re-condition the carbon brakes after their first life cycle end. After re-conditioned, we can use them again. What’s more, carbon brakes have can absorb huge enerygy during landing braking. And we have developed the lastest anti-oxidation coating technology. The carbon brake discs will be protected well from oxidized when turning red. Thus the carbon brakes will have longer life-span.

Certification and Qualification of our Products

The PMA parts we are supplying are CAAC certified. And, we can produce any shapes of carbon brakes according to customer’s drawings. The following applications are the main aircrafts we are supllying to. We are supplying our aircraft brakes to different countries, including Chinese mainland, middle-East, South Aisa, Central Aisa, Africa ect. Not only the carbon brakes, we also supply steel brakes and power metallurgy brakes to global customers.

  • Airworthiness certification for MA60 (already supplied several thousand pairs of carbon carbon brakes)
  •  B737 series powder metallurgy brakes with PMA Certification
  • B737 & A320 series carbon carbon brakes with PMA Certification
  • A330 series carbon carbon brakes with PMA Certification
  • Supplying to China Eastern Airlines

Please email us for more information and full list. Also, we have huge inventory of FAA/EASA certified landing gear components to supply.

For automotive carbon carbon brakes and carbon ceramic brakes, please go to this page.

airplane carbon carbon heat packs