3D continuous carbon ceramic brake rotors and pads

carbon ceramic brake rotors

We supply both carbon ceramic rotors and carbon carbon brake rotors. They can all be used for racing. But customers prefer to use carbon carbon brakes for racing only, and use carbon ceramic rotors on both track and street running.

Carbon ceramic brakes

CMC Company has developed carbon ceramic discs and pads for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Nissan GTR, Maserati, Ford, Corvette, Chervolet, Lamborghini etc. Any dimensions of our carbon ceramic CCM-R brake rotors can be customized.  And we have our own special  formulated brake pads for ceramic brake rotors. They are appropriate for all the ceramic brake rotors in the market. And, we are always developing new shapes for different calipers. Please email us for the application list.

Carbon carbon brakes

For carbon carbon (C/C ) rotors, we already developed 280mm OD, 330mm OD and 380mm OD rotors. These dimensions of C/C rotors are developed for our customers for racing. We can see the carbon carbon brakes in F1 raicng, DTM racing etc. The brake performance will be different when the disc temperature changed. When the disc is cold, the brake power is very weak, but when temperature is higher than 300, the stop perfomance is strong. Customization dimensions of the C/C brake discs and C/C brake pads are also available. Please send your drawings or your requirements, we can develop them accordingly.

Special formulated brake pads

We have two kinds of different brake pads. They are carbon carbon (C/C )pads and semi-metallic pads. The carbon carbon brake pads are the best option to work with the carbon carbon brake rotors. But for carbon ceramic brake discs, we can use both the C/C pads and the semi-metallic pads. These brake pads can work the carbon ceramic brake discs for track and street use. And our semi-metal pads are also siutable to work with other brands carbon ceramic brake rotors, such as Brembo and SGL.

Both the brake rotors and brake pads can be customized, don’t forget to inquiry.

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Some installation cases

Carbon ceramic rotors for Porsche

Caebon ceramic rotors for AMG

Carbon ceramic brakes for Lamborgini

Upgrade Maserati front brakes to carbon ceramic rotors

Upgrade Audi front to carbon ceramic brakes