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CMC company can supply 3D structure preforms. All preforms are produced from continuous carbon fibers directly. These preforms can be used for producing carbon carbon applications or carbon ceramic applications. We supply the preforms in different sizes and shapes. And preforms can be produced in different 3D preformed technology based on your different requirments.

CMC company has developed the racing clutch plates, motorcycle brakes, bicycle brakes etc. Not only about the friction components, but also about heat insulation or heat resistance parts etc.

Aircraft brakes supplied by the CMC company are all PMA certified. We have two basic materials for the brakes, carbon carbon composite and carbon ceramic composite.

The automotive brakes we supplied are carbon/ carbon brakes and carbon ceramic brakes. Carbon carbon brake rotors are the best for racing, like Formula One and Super Formula etc. Carbon ceramic brakes are popular in track and street running. Customers can choose different brake pad compounds for different use.

Please email us for all the mentioned parts or R&D any new applications.